Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lunch really important to you

Is Lunch necessary for you?

Lunch is an important meal in your day, so don’t skip it, even if you are tempted to do so.

Many people believe that eating a big breakfast means that lunch is unnecessary, but that’s simply not the case. When you don’t eat lunch, you are more likely to snack during the day on unhealthy foods or overeat at suppertime. Your body also becomes depleted of nutrients when you skip lunch, so it is better for you to always eat lunch. There are ways in which you can ensure that your lunch is fairly healthy, no matter what your specific needs.

Carrying a Lunch and Save Money:

If you are at work (Hospital :( ) or school over lunchtime, you can save lots of money by carrying a lunch rather than grabbing lunch from a fast food restaurant or hotel. Your own meals will also be more nutritious and, in many cases, tastier.

Frozen diet meals:

You can also consider stopping at a supermarket and picking up frozen diet meals for lunch as well. These meals are usually low in fat and high in nutrition and come in enough varieties for you to have a different lunch every day of the year. This option is sometimes a bit more expensive than making and packing your own lunch, but it can still be fairly inexpensive.


Remember to look at the packaging to determine the best frozen meals for you. Some are not made for those looking for a healthy diet, and although they may taste good, they will be full of preservatives and calories.

Tips for Lunch Food:

  • Try soups, pretzels, crackers with peanut butter, cereal bars, or instant oatmeal for lunchtime at the office.

  • Good choices for lunch include light meals, like wraps, sandwiches with wheat bread and light on the spreads, salads with light dressing, and fruit.

  • Avoid fast food, pizza, and bulky meals, unless you plan to be very active during the afternoon at work.

Lunch is important to your health!

Health is Wealth.


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  2. Thanks for the tip! I actually make it a point to not skip lunch even if I take it a bit late because of being a bit busy with work.

  3. I agree! Eating 3 meals a day is very important too. My rule in eating is high-medium-low, high food intake on breakfast, medium on lunch and low on supper.

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